How Censorship Affect Your Kiwi Likes

News 01:05 May 2024:

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Kiwi administrators have put measures in place to safeguard their users while interacting on this platform. Every content is monitored to prevent any inappropriate use by any of its members even if nobody has raised a concern of whatever content you are posting. You may have posted a genuine query to get some Kiwi likes only to end up being flagged down as inappropriate. Once such is classified as inappropriate, the whole content is censored by placing an explicit overlay over the same. Any violent content or pornographic is termed inappropriate whether in the form of question, answer, in your header or your profile.


Once censored, you cannot get any Kiwi likes from your followers after that. The only way to remove the restriction is by deleting from your profile or timeline then emailing the support team of Kiwi administrators. It is at their discretion now to determine to return or not to return the account to its previous uncensored state. That is how simple it is to lose your account while searching for more likes. That is why you need to assess before posting anything.