How to present yourself as an Expert on Social Media without sounding Self-aggrandizing

News 12:05 May 2024:

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If you have some knowledge about how to succeed on social platforms, you probably know that the authoritative experts in any niche always attract the most followers and free likes on their posts. However, getting to a level where a thousand people can look up to you for opinions and information is not easy. Most people who try to present themselves as experts fail almost always, probably because they post a lot of self- aggrandizing tweets, or because they often lack any ideas of how to go about it.

On twitter for instance, people won’t follow you and engage with you simply because you call yourself the best at a certain niche. They will want proof; they will want to experience your expertise through your tweets through and through. In other words therefore, to gain people’s trust is a strenuous process that will require you to research and put efforts in informing, educating and building people’s trust first. Becoming an expert only comes after you have a huge following of loyal people.