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News 11:05 May 2024:

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People make the greatest mistake on social media platform to only think that it is only for their private life.  As an individual you can do so much on social media platform than posting private content and photos.  Are you an upcoming writer or an entrepreneur?  Have you known that currently there is no powerful platform like the social media?  Use the platform to lay your groundwork and market your product.  If you are not able to spend enough time to get automatic likes, consider purchasing.

The business sector is quite wide and interesting.  Business people prefer doing business with an individual that has laid their groundwork well.  How do you do that on social media platform?  The answer is quite easy; consider increasing your automatic likes to a number that is acceptable.  That will make people wanting to business with find you business worthy.    The good thing is that your potential followers will definitely increase as they realise that your following is not worth contending with.  Likes apart from increasing your media presence breathe new life into your business.

Tips On Increasing Facebook Reach Without Using Auto Likes
Most of us are no longer using organic marketing or campaigns on Facebook but choose the comfort of auto likes to achieve the same results. But if you are to be popular and remain genuine on Facebook, you can do the following;
Keep your account as active as possible
Your Facebook account should be active always. Make posts regularly and do not dwell on your business posts only but also other interesting subjects that relate to your topic. This will increase your coverage and reach.
Making some posts that have live videos will increase the reach, and make you gain more followers and likes. Today most people are doing live Facebook video polls, and it is a good idea to getting more likes on Facebook.
You can use some questions and answers if you are running a website Facebook page. The users can comment their queries, question or anything of interest and the answers will keep the conversation. The increase in the engagement on your page will keep the likes and comments high leading to good reach. In this way, you earn real likes and observations, unlike auto likes that are usually fake.
Make use of Hashtags.
Hashtags can increase your reach and likes easily if used properly. You should add hashtags that relate to your posts. You can search for popular hashtags on Facebook that relate to your subject, business or brand and publish. You should design your subject and content in a way that will be useful and informative for you, your business or brand. The hashtag will help the post to get a wider reach that you want.
Keep interacting with your users and followers
You should keep a healthy relationship with your Facebook followers. Do not focus on business alone but go an extra mile and strike a personal relationship with your fans. By keeping a personal touch with your members, their trust and faith in you will increase. The following and likes on your page by your fans will be a genuine one.
Follow on the comments and likes made on your page and answer all questions that have been made. Accept both negative and positive feedback you may receive on any of your posts. Do not delete negative comments but look for a way to respond to it in a diplomatic manner. Remember the negative feedback is also a way to increase your reach and promote yourself on social media. The negative comments can help you to increase your Facebook page reach. Just keep the engagement and remain open even on divergent opinions.
Utilize the free Facebook ads
The Facebook ads can boost your page or posts if used efficiently. The ads should be optimized first before boosting. Therefore you should do proper setting in your account to achieve the benefit of Facebook ads. Efficient use of ads awill make your page to reach more people at less cost. You should customize your audience according to parameters like gender, location, age group, and language. The Facebook ads will be for your target group. It is important to avoid broad categories for the ads to serve the desired purpose and have the broad reach.